A key growth
partner for
your business

A key growth
partner for
your business

Who we are

We are a team of investment specialists committed to supporting high-potential SMEs and new ventures in our region. We leverage our financial and strategic expertise combined with an entrepreneurial mindset to help partners unlock their potential and create real, measurable value.

How we define ourselves

We are a key partner that enables, inspires and shares entrepreneurial success stories within our ecosystem.

  • Bold & Demanding

    We have the courage of our convictions and we always expect the best from ourselves and our partners.

  • humble

    Humble at heart

    We bring complementary expertise to help you grow but acknowledge that you are experts in your field.

  • Local & Connected

    We are deeply rooted in our local ecosystem and we can leverage our regional network.

  • Authentic & Direct

    We stay true to ourselves and commit to honestly and simply communicate with our entrepreneurs.

  • Impactful & Relentless

    We are here to spark growth and we strive for the best at every stage of the journey.

  • Fair & Aligned

    We thrive when you do. We partner with entrepreneurs and deliver success by aligning our long term goals and interests.

Our team

Management team

Olivier brings over 15 years of cross-sectorial investment experience and leads the team at The Bee. He is responsible for the overall performance of the fund and offers strategic expertise to portfolio companies.

Before joining The Bee in April 2016, he worked in the research department of Octo Finances in France, an investment and capital market advisory firm covering a portfolio of sectors from building materials to utilities. He is a member of the Board of various investee companies of The Bee. Olivier holds a MSc in Finance from the University of Lille, France.

The IBL advantage

A world-class diversified group based in Mauritius, IBL operates and invests in a wide range of industries across 22 countries. As a member of IBL, The Bee brings unique partnership opportunities for its portfolio companies:

  • 280 companies operating in the region, including key players across sectors
  • A leading Mauritian brand and experts in most major industries
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with a transformative economic impact

Within IBL, The Bee's sole mission is to empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while staying in control of their own destiny.



The Bee Equity Partners Ltd
1st Floor, IBL House
Caudan Waterfront
11307, Port-Louis

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