Investment philosophy

  • Minority Participation

    We provide funding against minority equity stakes. We do not seek to own, control, or operate businesses we invest in. On the contrary, we partner with entrepreneurs who can deliver business growth on their own but need partners to move up a gear.

  • Mutual Success & Teamwork

    Our track record is built on aligned incentives, shared values and a solid corporate governance framework. We promote collaboration with portfolio businesses and work as a team to support and empower entrepreneurs. 

  • Clear Exit Routes

    Our holding period typically varies between 3 and 7 years. We have a clear exit strategy which consists of selling our shares either to the founders, the company itself, other investors, or a combination of those.

What we look for

Our investment criteria include the following:

  • Stage and sector 

    We invest in SMEs and other entrepreneurial endeavours regardless of their stage and sector.

  • Proven track 

    We partner with experienced, down-to-earth and highly ambitious entrepreneurs with a proven track record.

  • Future-oriented 
    business model

    We have a clear preference for innovative business models and breakthrough product offerings that are likely to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.

  • Scalability

    We invest in businesses capable of reaching a critical scale over a 3 to 7 year period and to sustain growth through repeatable business.

  • Long-term 

    We favour business models with high incremental margins which can improve profitably as the company gains scale.

  • Attractiveness to
    follow-on investors

    We look for entrepreneurs with the ambition to create desirable assets that hold real value to investors beyond our investment horizon.

Entrepreneurs apply

What we offer

  • Flexible Investment Options

    Flexible Investment Options

    We invest up to Rs 10m in early-stage companies, and up to Rs 30m in already established businesses that are looking for partners to scale up.              

  • Extensive Support Capabilities

    Extensive Support Capabilities

    We bring fresh energy, business development initiatives, complementary expertise, resources and an extensive business network.

  • Collaborative Interaction

    Collaborative Interaction

    We also facilitate interactions and collaboration with companies within the larger IBL Group.

  • Visibility and Backing

    Visibility and Backing

    We help you increase the visibility of your brand both within and outside our network to ensure you can grow in your ecosystem.



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